2011 Reader Views Literary Award Winners in Self-Publishing Announced

Self-Publishing News for Self Publishing Authors

The Reader Views 2011 Literary Award Winners have been announced!

Congratulations to all Outskirts Press authors who won.  Here is the full list:

A Master @ Life! by Harold L. Lamma II

Second Place
A Master @ Life!
Harold L. Lamma II

What to Charge by Laurie Lewis

First Place
What to Charge
Laurie Lewis

*What to Charge also won Second Place in the Writing/Publication category

Millennial Fears by Debbie Boucher

Second Place
General Fiction
Millennial Fears
Debbie Boucher

The Art of the Roman Catacombs by Gregory S. Athnos

First Place
The Art of the Roman Catacombs
Gregory S. Athnos

Russia's Prestige by Kashif Parvaiz

First Place
Russia’s Prestige
Kashif Parvaiz

SAT & BAF! by Doug DePew

Second Place
Doug DePew

Making a Meal of It by Jui-shan Chang, PhD

Second Place
Making a Meal of It
Jui-shan Chang, PhD

The Lament by Ercell H. Hoffman

Second Place
The Lament
Ercell H. Hoffman

Breaking The Bonds Of Adult Child Abuse by Sister Renee Pittelli

First Place
Religion (Eastern/Western)
Breaking the Bonds of Adult Child Abuse
Sister Renee Pittelli

I Want To Know My Future by Linda Dipman

Second Place
Religion (Eastern/Western)
I Want to Know My Future
Linda Dipman

March Forth by Marci A. Schmitt

First Place
March Forth
Marci A. Schmitt

House of Cards by Theodore Jerome Cohen

Second Place
Societal Issues (Politics/Society/Etc)
House of Cards

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