When people are brainwashed and lack the ability to think things through- and for themselves-in truth; they have fallen victim to the adversary… It is much easier for people to accept what others say as truth than to do their own research. People who have no idea that they are brainwashed, are easily led to the slaughter, manipulated and contr
olled by the; not so obvious.

Emotions are a great example of why millions of individuals lack the capacity to understand why truth is their friend, and not their enemy. The EGO manipulates the minds of people to protect themselves, and discredit truth. Politics uses this method to control peoples thoughts, and emotions.

This easily translates into slavery, and most people will deny they are enslaved even though their conscience is telling them otherwise (denial)…they just refuse to acknowledge and accept it as fact… keeping them “Stuck” in a world of illusion, and deception. Video games are a great example of this- drawing the player into a world of “emotional satisfaction” and controlling that persons time, oblivious to the dangerous effects it is putting them in; wasting thousand of hours of there lives attached to an illusion. I personally do not feel sorry for these people!

There are only two responses to the truth: Belief, and dis-belief……plain and simple!

It seems to have become customary for most too disbelieve truth, and continue the journey of the “EGO” (deception) which uses peoples emotions to always be focused on personal pleasure (it makes me feel good) -a temporary feeling-, and personal gain….Very destructive thinking and mannerisms are derived by living this way, and people have no idea why they are struggling, broke, disgusted, angry, resentful, and hateful. Fortunately people have the power to change this, if they want too!

Since the world is in self destruct mode, and the powers that are-are controlling and forcing their agendas on the billions of unsuspecting losers; it is easy to see why the world (people) is/are in the shape it is. It is much easier for people to lie to themselves than to face their own-self; because they are afraid of the truth! WHY?

These people- who fear truth- are willingly bringing themselves to shame, destruction, and dishonor because they lack courage to stand and face these fears- and put them in the place they belong; “the trashcan!”

~ Harold Lamma~