Orrin Woodward Leadership Team :: The Origins of Fiat Money in the West

Orrin Woodward Leadership Team :: The Origins of Fiat Money in the West.

The Importance of accountability, of the federal reserve, is of paramount integrity. The lessons of history is proof positive, that the road America is on now, will soon take it to it’s total collapse in literal sense. The people and free countrymen of this grand nation will soon be trapped with no way out of this unforgiven greed driven mindset, that the Gov and federal reserve have created.

I would challenge all who have the courage to voice their concerns, to do so in due season. Yet, time is paramount with this massive stimulated economic paper pushing dream. Your decisiveness  in calling out this fiat system we have in place, and demanding accountability is your due service as a citizen of this great country of ours.

The voices of many, out-way the few. Since you own the government, they will have to be held accountable also. The government does not own you, me, or your neighbor. Big business does not own you either, unless we choose to let them own us. The reality of out-of control manipulation of our money supply and system has been let go for too long.

“WE THE PEOPLE” have the authority and power to change and influence those who are in power and control (if we choose to).

I would encourage you all to read Orrin Woodward’s blog, and follow his links also. He is a great source of leadership and knowledge, especially¬† when it comes to history and (cause and effect). His rise to Influence was a personal choice; to inspire, proclaim, and present the truth, in raw form, and uncanny foresight to establish a righteous leadership, which all leaders should follow in some degree and fashion.

Our Gov. and the federal reserve could use some real leadership, and quit playing games with our lives and our economy?

And above all else, why should the children of our future, have to pay for the sins of  their fathers?