Corruption in our legal system!

Justice is not what it is supposed to be! As we move through our never ending quest for knowledge and understanding, we seem to have forgotten that justice is based on pure truth, not man’s ideal ideas.
The stupidity that is running rampant in culture, legal services, and courtrooms today is beyond restraint now. Our court systems and legal organizations are so caught up with themselves, and their political legalism, that they have totally disregarded, freedom, personal rights, God given rights, and the respect that should be given to those who are forced and sucked into the legal boneyard. Your constitutional rights, and your God given rights ,are laughed at by the bureaucratic monstrosity that has taken hold of our once honored structure.

Lawyers are ripping people off at an astonishing rate;in divorce and property settlement issues. Lawyers and judges are sleeping together for convenience. If you are unable to retain a lawyer these days your basically screwed. If you try to defend yourself they look at you as an outsider trying to buck their almighty system .

Their cowardly intimidation has to stop, and the ethics boards need to start doing their jobs. All ethic board members should be independent in relationship to those they are investigating. I see the buddy system they use to take care of each other, is working very well for them. You scratch my back, and i’ll scratch yours, seems to be the norm.

The destitute looks of the people that come from the court rooms are horrendous. The courts have made a business out of the judicial system, trying to suckĀ  out of you every last dime you have. Instead of doing the right thing they have decided to do whatever they can get away with. The corruption is running rampant, and the violations of our rights is growing ever so increasingly.

The truth of the matter is; you can go into court and put your hand on the bible and swear to tell the truth, which you do, and the opposing party does the same; and yet lies through their teeth; you can actually lose your case ,because you can’t prove your case to be truth. What a bunch of nonsense and child’s play that is occurring these days.

Lawyers are leading and coercing their clients into doing things they would not normally do; and the courts are letting them get away with it. The accountability factor for these illegal actions by the lawyers are over looked most of the time. The elitist legal professional groups are destroying people lives, and they don’t care as long as they get their share of your money.

Judges are supposed to keep their courts in order, and make sure people are being treated properly and with respect. Yet, this is not happening in many occasions. OurĀ  judicial systems seems to forget the people, freedom of speech, and the right for people to be properly represented.

The legal system throws their power and ego around like they own people. This my friends is totally disgusting and needs to stop now. Now, don’t get me wrong, their are a select few that still operate judiciously with integrity, and honor; yet they seem to be hard to find now days. If i’m wrong, I would encourage you to find one, and thank them for being righteous.

I also charge and demand ,the Legal Board of Ethics, to do their job, and clean house of all the (scumbag lawyers) who are making their living, at the expense of GOOD PEOPLES LIVES.

Jesus also warned the legal Experts,and lawyers,(Pharisees) in Luke Chapter 11 ; And said; Woe to you,because you load down people with burdens, and will not lift a finger to help them. He says that they neglect justice and the love of God. And called them;like unmarked graves, which men walk over without knowing.( Basically stating, if you associate with them, That it could lead to moral uncleanliness).

He also stated in the text that; they disregard the prophets that are sent to them, to warn them of their wrong doing. And basically, that they will be held responsible for their killing, of these prophets. He also called them a bunch of hypocrites.

I agree with these biblical texts !


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